Classic Metal Wall Clock - Cream

Classic Metal Wall Clock - Cream

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Create a focal point on your wall and keep your home or office ticking with the Classic Metal Wall Clocks.

Combining a durable metal frame with a convex glass face and PVC dial hands, these clocks eschew fussy decoration and overly elaborate number formations in favour of classic minimalist, functional (dare we say timeless?) design. The gentle curves of the glass reduce glare and reflections from nearby light sources, making the large 12 hour display of block numbers easy to read from any angle or distance, while the Quartz timekeeping technology that powers the three dial hands ensures that every second of your day is meticulously measured for long-lasting accuracy.

The simple elegance of these clocks makes them perfectly suited to a wide variety of decor styles and uses.

Features and Benefits:

Classic Retro, Industrial Styling - Clean design to perfectly suit a variety of decor styles

Chunky Metal Frame - Offers strength and durability; available in a variety of colours

Convex Glass Face - Reduces glare and reflections from nearby lights to improve visibility from all angles

Powered by Quartz Technology - Precision frequency for the most accurate measurement of time

Easy to Adjust - Single dial on reverse of clock

Size and Specifications:

  • Diameter: 30.5cm
  • Height: 5cm
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