Outlet Eco Taper Candle - Charcoal

Outlet Eco Taper Candle - Charcoal

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The hand-poured unscented Charcoal Eco Taper Candle has a diameter of 2 cm and a height of 25 cm and is made from vegetable stearin using natural dyes and braided cotton, lead-free wick. The result is a hard-wearing candle with a clean, long-lasting burn. Perfect on its own or combined with varied candle and glass combinations to create an eye-catching centrepiece or home decoration.

Colour: Charcoal

Scent: Unscented

Size: 2 cm (w) x 25 cm (h)

Burn Time: up to 7 hrs

All Natural, and clean-burning, no paraffin, gmo-free, vegan-friendly, renewable plant-based wax

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